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TMS Horizons LLC is a locally owned and operated website that is dedicated to serving the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Oil Play (TMS). Our Facebook page and website reach thousands of people per week. TMS Horizons LLC is the resource for oil drillers and operators, listing the necessary provisions supplied by oil service personnel/businesses. We provide mineral listings to ensure that mineral owners get the best price for leasing or selling their minerals. Also, we offer a resource for realtors/RV park owners to connect with the influx of workers for housing needs.

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tmsmap.jpgThe Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS) is a sedimentary rock formation that consist of organic-rich fine-grained materials (sediments) deposited in a marine environment that existed across the Gulf Coast region approximately 90 million years ago.

The TMS includes the Eagle Ford Shale being similar in geological age.

The August, 1987 Bulletin (Volume 7) of the LSU-Basin Research Institute (BRI), Baton Rouge, indicates a potential reserve of about 7 billion barrels of oil in the TMS.

Its thickness varies from 500 feet in southwestern Mississippi to more than 800 feet in the southern part of the Florida Parishes in southeastern Louisiana, within an approximate depth range of 11,000 feet to the north to more than 15,000 feet to the south.