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The interactive TMS map below requires a computer with a Google Maps plugin.  You will only have to install the plugin one time. The map is a close approximation for reference purposes and is not guaranteed to be accurate or updated at all times. Use your mouse and mouse wheel to navigate, zoom in, and rotate the map. Clicking your mouse wheel on the map will allow you additional rotating options. (Click here to see the non-interactive map - August Docket) Map version - August Docket.

Permit Legend:  Comstock  Encana  Goodrich  Halcon  Sanchez 


TMS Development GIS maps (PDF) from the MS Oil & Gas Board:

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Map:

Mississippi County Maps (PDF):

Louisiana Parish Maps (PDF):

TMS Halcon OOIP Map 08-19-2014.jpg8/19/14 (Read more)

TMS Leaseoldings 08-2014.jpg8/14/14 (Read more)

Updated 7/27/14

10478683_770734042966333_6842233079323855064_n (2).jpg

Mr. Anonymous has reworked his Structure Map overlayed in his Net Isopach
(target shale thickness) - 6/25/14