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Friday Report

Posted by bernell on December 12, 2014


Wilkinson County:
Halcón George Martens 1H
, located on the west side of the south lane of Hwy 61 south of Woodville a couple of miles. Spud 8-8-2014 and completed around the 8th of September.  Flaring gas…producing oil.

Halcon Creek Cottage West 1H, H&P Flex 3 Rig #249 completed drilling. Creek Cottage is located on Whitestown Road a couple of miles south of Hwy 24. Ready to Fracture.

Halcon Rogers 1H, accessed from Hwy 24 west of Centreville about 5 miles.  Drilling operations are complete. Awaiting fracturing.

(Note: H & P Flex Rig # 249 was picked up by Goodrich and is now drilling the Kinchen 51H-1 in Tangipahoa Parish.)

Goodrich CMR-Foster Creek 8H-1 and 2, accessed from Hwy 563 to Macedonia Road then to Helmer Road. Nabors Rig #624 spud -1 on 9-15 and spud -2 on 9-21. -1 drill is finished.  -2 should be finished very soon.

Comstock CMR Foster Creek 28-40 No. 1H, located on Will Floyd Road. Access appears to be south off of Hwy 563 on to Macedonia Road, then on to Netterville Road, then on to Will Floyd Road. Eighteen stages are in the process of being fractured. Note: Word is Trinidad Rig # 103 has left the play.  No explanation from Comstock as to whether a replacement rig is headed our way, yet, or not.

Comstock CMR Foster Creek 30-31 #1H was scheduled to be drilled next, but no word as to whether another rig is being brought into the play or whether Comstock has suspended operations in the TMS.

Sanchez Morris 2H, RAPAD Rig #31 spud October 13.  Accessed from the Pickneyville Road...Traveling west out of Woodville, turn north (right) just past the Old River water tank on to an otherwise private road. Drilling completed with a 6,450 foot lateral. Awaiting fracturing operations.

RAPAD Rig # 31 has left the play, but will be replaced with a new rig for the Macedonia.

Sanchez Macedonia –Tentative plans call for 3 wells to be drilled here. Located on Macedonia Road, north of Centreville, this site is accessed off of Hwy 563, then down Macedonia Road about 10 miles to site on west side of Macedonia Road. A new rig will be used for this first 3 well drill in the play.
Amite County:.

Sanchez St. Davis #1, accessed from Hwy 24 in Gloster, located down Kahnville Road about 6 miles southeast of Gloster.  This well was drilled above the rubble zone in about 25 days with a lateral of 5,600’.  Sanchez Energy reported this week a peak production of over 1,000 barrels per day with a 30 day average production of 837 barrels a day for this well. Nice.

Encana Ash 13H-1 and 13H-2, Located on the east side of Ash Road, accessed via Lower Centreville Road about 3 miles southeast of Centreville. Trinidad Rig #124 spud July 21.  Fracking operations finished.

Encana Sabine 12H-1 and 12H-2, located off of Enterprise Road, south of Hwy 24 about 3 miles out of Liberty, access is from Hwy 48. Trinidad Rig # 125 spudded 12H-1 on June 20 and 12H-2 on June 23. Flowing back with what appear to be two very good wells.

Goodrich T. Lewis 7-38H-1 located from the same access road as the EnCana Lewis 7-18H-1 off of County Farm Road a mile or so north of the Lower Centreville Road, accessed off of the Greensburg Road, located about 6 miles south of Liberty.  Ensign Rig #753 reportedly spud on November 14. Intermediate completed and cemented into place. Drilling in the lateral.

Encana Longleaf 29H-1 and -2, located off Tobias Lane off of Hwy 584 roughly 3 miles southeast of Liberty. Awaiting fracturing, likely after the Mathes.

Encana Mathis 29-17H-1, located on the same pad as Mathis 29-32H-1 off of Bean Road west of Gillsburg in south Amite County.  Trinidad Rig #124 spud October 17. Completed a 9,169 foot lateral to a total depth of 21,730 foot.  Preparing for fracturing in January.

EnCana Lawson 25-13H-1, located on the same pad as the Lawson 25H-1 in Downtown Gillsburg, MS in Southeast Amite County. Trinidad Rig #124 spud on December 9.

Highlighted area below was reworked from original posting:

EnCana McIntosh 15H/Reese 16H. Site located on Chance Road off of Ewell Road south of Hwy 48 a few miles east of Centreville, this double unit pad was set to have 4 wells drilled, but exactly what wells will be drilled are currently in question. The Trinidad Reese 16H-1 is the only well reported as spud by the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board.

Trinidad Rig #125 has spud the first well and set surface casing.  A 2nd well has likely been spud, also.

Pike County: A permit has been approved for 1 Sanchez unit and is pending for 2 units applied for by both Sanchez and VirTex.

St. Helena Parish:

Comstock Meeks 56 HZ-1, located on Martin Lane north of Hwy 38 off of Hwy 441, just south of the Mississippi line and Encana Lawson 25H-1. Pad is finished.  Plans to drill appear to be on hold.

St. Tammany: Permit pending.

Washington Parish: Permits pending, site preps completed.  Note the latest permitted unit in Tangipahoa Parish, the Goodrich B-Nez 43H-1, will nose over into Washington Parish.


Goodrich Verberne 5H-1, located south of Hwy 38 on Hwy 1061. Nabors X-17 spud 8-25.  Completed total drill of 18,938 foot. Goodrich announced a peak 24 hour flow rate of 1,335 barrels of oil per day with a 14/64 choke.  This well had a 6,600 foot lateral with 21 stages. Flowing back and is rumored to be a very good one.

Goodrich Williams 46H-1 has the Ensign Rig #753 spud 9/11. Completed total drilling depth of 18,650 foot.  Reportedly fractured 20 stages successfully…should be flowing back soon.

Halcon Franklin PST Prop H-1, H&P rig # 623 spud November 1. Access to this site is from downtown Osyka, Mississippi on South Railroad. As of December 1, restarted drill with a side track at 11,500 foot. As of December 8, drilling at 15,689 foot.  (Had earlier drilled to 16,230 foot, but experienced hole integrity issues forcing the sidetrack.)

Goodrich Kent 41H-1, Nabors X-17, located on Monroe Stevens Road, accessed via Hwy 440/1057 to Hwy 1058 to B Brown Road, then to Monroe Stevens Road. Spud November 5.  Drill completed with a 6,000 foot lateral.  Preparing for fracking to begin sometime next week.

Goodrich Kinchen 58H-1, accessed from Hwy 1053 about 1 mile north of Kentwood off of Hwy 51. H&P Flex Rig 3 # 249 spud on December 6, drilled to 3,627 foot and running casing as of 12/8/2014.

Goodrich B Nez 43H -1 and -2, are located in two different units, Little Silver Creek Field, Sand Unit D is the unit for the B-Nez 43H-1 well and Little Silver Creek, Sand Unit N is the unit where the B-Nez 43H-2 will be drilled.  The drilling site is located on the south side of Hwy 38 east of Kentwood about 8 miles and nearly to the Washington Parish line.  The nose of the 43H-1 unit tilts northeasterly into Washington Parish.  Nabors X-17 will be moving here from the Kent 41H site the latter part of next week.

East Feliciana: Permits in process…

West Feliciana:

Halcon Walker- drill, previously scheduled, has been delayed.

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