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McIntosh? Maybe... Reese? Yes...

Posted by bernell on December 17, 2014

Okay...It is obvious I've goofed...I'm just not certain how badly, yet.

The EnCana McIntosh/Reese "Resource Play Hub" 4 well pad is located on Chance Road, off of Ewell Road, south of Hwy 48  in Amite County about 6 miles east of Centreville. The 4 permitted wells for drilling from this pad are the McIntosh 15H-1 and -2 wells and Reese 16H-1 and-2.

I was told there was some legal issues with one of the units and that only one unit would be drilled.  In other words, only 2 wells would be drilled at this time.  This information came from multiple sources, but none of them knew which unit/wells would be drilled and which one(s) would not.

So, I made a plea on here for anyone with knowledge to share it.  I got one response from someone purporting to know that the well that would be drilled was the McIntosh wells.

Now, I see where the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board is reporting the Reese 16H-1 was spud on December 9.  

I'm could assume that the McIntosh wells will not be drilled, but, alternatively, the original message may have been incorrect about this being only a 2 well drill. 

For now, all I know for sure is that the Reese 16H-1 has been reported as spud. by the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board and leave it at that.

Stay tuned!

What do you think about it?