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News from the Field- What's Happening out there?

Posted by bernell on December 11, 2014

To a large extent we rely upon those who work in the field to supply us with up-to-date information on what is happening.

We have never received production information from an "insider" and don't wish to do so, but other than this, we look forward to getting basic information from folks in the field.

Send us private messages or click on the TMS "Tips" link at the top of this page and will accumulate all of your collective knowledge and report it in with our Friday Update.

Help us out!

Rather than go through a list of generalizations, let me give you specific requests for information.

1. What's the depth on the Goodrich CMR Foster Creek 8H-2...when do you anticipate completing the drill there?

2. And, where is this rig (Nabors #624) headed next from the CMR Foster Creek 8H site?

3. When will fracturing start on the Halcon Cottage Creek East?

4. Have fracturing operations started on the Mathis 29-17H-1, yet?

5. When will the Nabors X-17 be moving from the Kent site to the B-Nez site and do y'all plan to drill 2 wells there?

6. Has the McIntosh 16H-1 or -2 been spud by Trinidad Rig # 125, yet?

7. How are fracturing operations on the Comstock 28-40 #1H going?

8. Where is the Rapid Rig # 31 headed from the Morris site and when are you moving?

9. How is the drill going on the Lawson 25-13H-1?

10. Are y'all about finished drilling the T. Lewis 7-38H-1? 

Have I left your well/rig out?  I apologize, but don't be hurt...just message us about it!

What do you think about it?