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October Production Summary

Posted by bernell on December 26, 2014

October, 2014 TMS Oil Production Summary

The 2014 year has been very eventful and I’m working on a summary of activity for the year.  In so doing I decided to summarize the production numbers for the month of October and share it with you. 

Here you go!

(By the way, after posting this, I realized it doesn't show up well on phones...I apologize...still learning stuff everyday.  I'll try to do better next time.)

                      Barrels of Oil      Goodrich     Encana       Halcon       Sanchez

County/Parish  Per Day   October .…Total Barrels Produced for the Month …

West Feliciana      430       13,317     13,317

East Feliciana       344       10,655     10,655

St. Helena            195         6,050      2,361      3,089

Tangipahoa          346        10,711    10,711

Wilkinson          4,945      153,302     65,611    33,798      41,894      11,999

Amite                4,290      133,003    65,349     67,564       -0 -              -0-

Totals              10,550      327,038   168,094     105,051   41,894      11,999

Note that I, once again, have ignored production, if any, from the west side of the Mississippi River. 

My position is that this area has never had enough production to suggest a possibility of commercial development.  If things change at some point in the future, I’ll change my approach to information provided.

These numbers are from “producing” wells, which by my definition were wells that produced oil in October of 2014.  There were some wells that did not produce oil in October 2014 that likely will be do so in future months. For example, we hope the Pintard 28H-1 will return to production in January. 

According to my criteria, however, the number of producing wells in October, 2014 is summarized as follows:

County/Parish   Total      Goodrich   Encana Halcon Sanchez

West Feliciana      2              2

East Feliciana       3              3     

St. Helena           4               2             2                                                           

Tangipahoa          3              3     

Wilkinson           12              4             2         5          1

Amite                20              7            13       -0-       -0-                 

Totals                44             21         17          5          1    


I fully expect these production numbers to rise through the month of February of 2015.  It wouldn't surprise me to see production reach over 20,000 barrels per day by February.  But, after this time, production will level off or quickly drop depending upon how drilling goes. 

A rise in production numbers will only occur a few months after prices return to the $80 level and we get more than two rigs back into action in the TMS. 

I will total the number of wells spud a bit later, but I’m thinking that number is over 75 as of today.  I can think of 23 wells that have been spud and were not brought into production as of October.  I can think of at least 3 drilled, but never producing and at least 3 that were produced, but did not have any October production. 

That’s 73 total, so a guess of 75 on the east side of the Mississippi River is gonna be close.

It will be interesting to watch the production numbers move in Tangipahoa Parish as more wells are brought on line there. 

Amite County, with its larger number of wells and with a renewed drilling focus in the latter part of 2014, will likely remain the highest producer of TMS oil for awhile, despite the current higher numbers for Wilkinson County and the current focus on Tangipahoa Parish. The lead is just too far ahead at this point. 

Amite County, as of October, 2014 had total oil production in the TMS of 1,478,104 barrels while second place Wilkinson County had 669,261 barrels total. 

Encana’s total production is still well ahead of Goodrich, but Goodrich will likely catch up and surpass Encana during 2015 if the 2 rig program remains in effect.

We don’t normally miss what we don’t have, but the TMS was on the launching pad for major acceleration in 2015 and future years.  As it stands, the lift-off appears to be delayed rather than aborted. 

Time will tell.

What do you think about it?