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Tuesday Notes

Posted by bernell on December 9, 2014

Still plenty happening in the TMS and everyone remains hungry for information. 

Here are just a few bits of info to munch on for now. 

George Martens, et. al. #1 is flaring and producing, as shown by the pic at the bottom.

Trinidad 124 spud the Lawson 25-13H-1 today.  The Gillsburg Christmas Tree is finally up!

I'm being told Trinidad 125 will drill 2 wells on the McIntosh 15H and that the Reese 16H will not have wells drilled at this time.

In the rumors department, assuming prices remain low, it is likely the Trinidad 125 will be leaving the TMS for awhile after the McIntosh is finished.  Likewise, the Trinidad 124 is scheduled to drill the Stewart wells (not sure about the Bergold) and then it, too, may be leaving for awhile.

It appears that oil prices in the $60's is probably $15 to $20 too low to encourage a lot of TMS drilling.  $75 - $80 appears to be the minimum level and $90+ oil is what is needed to really get things heated back up.

Goodrich is hedged for 2015 enough to continue to drill, but even with hedging Goodrich really needs prices to rise at least into the $70's to keep rolling along, in my opinion.

The oil is here. 

It appears to have been figured out how to get it. 

But, it isn't profitable at these low levels.

I hope I haven't caused you to lose your appetite.



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