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An Advertising Opportunity

Posted by bernell on August 21, 2014


Thank you all for making this transition to the TMS Horizons site a success.

The move has been smooth and the response has been amazing over these first two weeks of a revamped site.

Our TMS Facebook page will remain an important part of what we are about...being a place for everyone interested in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale to gather and keep each other informed about the play.  A place for sharing pictures, opinions, and knowledge.  A place for asking questions of us and of each other. 

The Facebook page is not being replaced, it is being expanded.

There is a lot of basic information, links, maps, etc...that this page can offer that cannot be offered through our Facebook page.  And, interestingly, many businesses don't allow employees to get on Facebook, but TMS Horizons is okay.  (Surprised?  Yep. I was, too.)

Further, and this is the heart of this post, this page offers advertisers an opportunity to let people interested in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale know about products and services their businesses offer.  

I don't know of a better medium than this webpage for sharing information as to RV parks, banking and investment advisory services, employment needs, housing availability, oilfield services, etc...available to the TMS community.

Without getting into a lot of specifics (I was told not to do so...don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know), let me just say that the volume of traffic here has amazed me.  

What has been most amazing to me is that only about 40% of the traffic has been from and basically split evenly between Mississippi and Louisiana (at last count, Louisiana had a slight lead), but, further, that Texas is a close third in that race.

I have a theory about the Texas traffic.  I believe there are a lot of folks who are from Mississippi and Louisiana who are working in Texas in the shale plays there who are anxious to see this play succeed so they can return home.

For the record we have had visitors here from all 50 states and the District of Columbia as well as 36 countries.  (Told you the response was amazing!)

I also thought the traffic might be of a curious nature early on and then fade away, but Wednesday  was our biggest day and Thursday wasn't far behind.  Our lowest day in the past 8 days was about half of Wednesday's traffic and was about equal to the busiest day in the first week. 

Traffic is growing not waning.

So, here is the bottom line of this post.

If you have a business and want to get a message out to people interested in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, seize this opportunity to advertise with us. 

We know mineral owners, prospective employers and business owners, the operating companies, Wall Street investor types, and many others directly interested in the TMS are following this page.

I really don't know enough about advertising to advise you, but I know there is a limited amount of advertising space available here.  And, with the law of supply and demand, in time those advertising spaces will become more costly than they are today.

And, I do know someone who can talk advertising with you.  We added a professional to our group a few weeks ago.  He's got a masters degree and experience and knows his stuff.

He gathered data on our new site and this week contacted people who had previously expressed an interest about advertising with us.

We decided an adequate opportunity to respond had been extended and it was time to go ahead and open things up to everyone.

So, here we are.  And, the man y'all need to talk with about this is Joseph Bullen.  His email address is

Seize the day, folks!

What do you think about it?