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August 2014 Encana Permit Applications

Posted by bernell on August 6, 2014

Divide and Conquer! 

This is my first attempt at a TMShorizons post, so bear with me on this...I'll get promises I'll get good...just we go...

Amite County:

My first search through the preliminary Mississippi Oil and Gas Board August Docket discovered 38 new applications.  I decided to summarize only Amite County on this post since it would be fewer applications to contend with in this "get my feet wet using this new thingy" post.

Also, EnCana was the only operator making applications in Amite County from August, so that also simplifies things.

I will point out that there remains the four old competing applications by EnCana and Sanchez in Township 2 North, Range 2 East, but there are older posts covering that issue.  If you want to "Search" for information on these applications, the key words will be Boudreaux or Damascus, or Beaver or Black Stone.  Just type on of those names in the "Search" box and see what pops up!

But for now here are the totally New Applications this month for Amite County:


Township 1 North, Range 2 East:

McIntosh 15H, includes Sections 2, 15 and 18.  This unit is generally located in the southwest township and range of Amite County, south of Hwy 48, east of Centreville.  This particular unit is located due east of the permitted Grice 14H unit and due north of the Ash 31 H unit, where 2 wells have already been drilled.

Reese 16H, includes Sections 1, 16, and 17.  This unit is due west of the above described McIntosh 15H.

Township 1 North, Range 5 East:

Powell 10H, includes Sections 3, 10, and 15.  This unit is dissected by the Gillsburg Highway (Hwy 584), Bennett Road, and Wall Street Road in the central southeast sector of the county.  Hampton Road runs down the middle of this unit.  It is beside the first well fractured by EnCana in the TMS, the original Encore BOE.

Phillips 11H, includes sections 2, 11, and 14.  This unit is due east of the above described Powell 10H.

Nichols 12H, includes sections 1, 12 and the northern half of 13.  This unit is due east of the Phillips 11H and due north of the Lawson 25-13H.

Taylor 27H, includes sections 22, 27, and 34.  This unit is due south of the  Powell 10H and runs south to the Louisiana line.

Williams 26H, includes sections 23, 26, and 35.  Located due east of the Taylor 27H, due south of the Phillips 11H, and beside the previously drilled Lawson 25H-1.

Township 1 North, Range 6 East:

Reynolds 10H, includes sections 3, 10, and 15. Located in the southeastern most township and range of Amite County, two miles from the Pike County line, 3 miles from the Louisiana line, the northwest corner is sliced by Hwy 568, and the southern edge is just above Wilson Road.

Spears 11H, includes sections 2, 11, and 14.  Located due east of Reynolds 10H, Easley Road dissects it east to west.

These applications are quickly coloring in Township 1 North for Ranges 2, 5, and 6 East.


What do you think about it?