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August, 2014 Proposed Units Mapped

Posted by admin on August 15, 2014

Our Google map of units has been updated to show the August proposed units. Click here to see the map now.

We have yet to put names on these units, but that's a planned part of our continuing improvement of the site.

To get to the map, I'm going to ask that you do a little exploring.

Go to the black and white bar above where is shows "Home" and "News" and "Education" and ...ahhhh, There it is!... "Maps" and click on it.

If you haven't been here before, in order to view our map you will need to install a "Google Plug-in" AND, we've found not every computer is compatible with the plug-in...and I have no idea, if you can't view it, I'm sorry.

Also, the map can't be viewed over your phone. 

BUT, if you can get to it, it's a good map...zoom in and you may see a picture of your family having a picnic out by the river last spring.  I'm telling you, it can really zoom in.

If you can't use our map, scroll down past that window a little and you will see links for MS TMS (Wilkinson County) and (Amite County).

These links will take you to a state map that is pretty good also.  It has unit names, but it doesn't have the August proposed units up, yet. 



What do you think about it?