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Goodrich Petroleum - Enercom Conference 8-18-2014

Posted by bernell on August 18, 2014

Rob Turnham made a presentation today at the Enercom Oil and Gas Conference in Denver, Colorado today. (Note links to Sanchez Energy's presentation from today and a link to Halcon Resurces 8-19-2014 scheduled presentation, also.)

Very positive on the TMS...insiders own over 20% of their stock.

Basically, Goodrich is all in on the TMS.  They are continuing discussions with possible joint venture partners, but may sell their Texas Cotton Valley holdings in the essence to keep someone from paying them less than they believe the properties are worth.  

With proceeds from the Cotton Valley property, Goodrich can continue negotiating longer.

Further, and on down the road, Goodrich may sell its holdings in the Eagle Ford in order to focus more efforts on the TMS.

The talk was about 25 minutes and was mostly on the TMS.

He did mention that the Encana Lewis 7-18H-1 is tracking to be the next King of the TMS.

But, don't take my word for it...Listen to it here!

And share if you hear anything more!


P. S. Halcon will be making a presentation at this same conference tomorrow at 1:55.

Here is a link to the Halcon News should get you there to listen to the event if you're interested.


And, P.P.S.

Here is a link to the Sanchez Energy presentation from 8-18-2014, also. TMS comments start at 17:00 on the audio.

What do you think about it?