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Halcon Presentation

Posted by tommy on August 19, 2014

Halcon's slide presentation for the EnerCom Conference is up.

First, the Blackstone IP is reported as 553 barrels of oil per day with a total BOE of 715.  However, at this time gas isn't being sold from what I have been able to gather.  Still 553 barrels of oil from an effective lateral length of 2,853 foot isn't all bad.

Halcon appears to have big plans for the TMS:

-Centralized points for oil gathering and for gas processing...meaning lots of intra-field oil and gas pipelines. 

-A 3D seismic survey is planned for Wilkinson County area. 

- Natchez oil terminal plans discussed.

Basically, you need to read this.  While you're at it...tell me what you's a lot of absorb!

Here's a link to the slides...Pages 20-32 focus on the TMS.

Link to Halcon's scheduled 2:55 p.m. EnerCom presentation today:

What do you think about it?