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Questions - Answers? August 28, 2014

Posted by bernell on August 28, 2014

We're going to try something new today with this post, but first a couple of other things.

We're also going to begin posting a TMS Daily Report each evening just to see how it goes.  (This report may be early or late...just depends...remember we still have our day jobs.)

Often there is breaking news early in the morning and sometimes across the day.  As we learn of these items we will certainly post them, also.

There will be no Daily Report on Friday since our pre-production "Friday Report" is a mainstay here now.

And, of course, we will cover things on occasion as thoroughly as we can...such as new unit/well permits.

But, for now...we're going to try this "Questions-Answers?" post.  

What we want is for you to pose a can do so here or on Facebook...doesn't matter.

We will see what answers are us and others, then we will edit this post with the question and a summary of the answers given.

Why?  Well, because you (and others) will then be able to search your answer on the TMS Horizons site.

We frequently get the same why not just answer it...thoroughly, we hope...once and with a lot of other folks involved?  Ahhh...there's the first question...the Answer?  There is no reason.  So, pose your questions and let's see how this thing goes. 

What do you think about it?