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Roads of the TMS

Posted by bernell on August 27, 2014

I've lived most of my life in Southwest Mississippi and worked a great deal in the Florida Parishes over the years.  We have beautiful country here.  I had the chance to work elsewhere on more than one occasion, but this was home. 

A quiet, pastoral setting that has never been anything to me but a constant swirl of things to do. And, our roads have been more than adequate for the activities conducted here...farming, logging, hunting, living.  My parents were raised here. My wife was. My children were.  My grandchildren are. 

That said, our roads are NOT adequate for what is happening.  I commend our boards of supervisors in Amite and Wilkinson counties for working with these operating companies to deal with the situation.  The operating companies have agreed to pay for damages done to roads, but, honestly, in most cases they have improved the roads, though not necessarily with asphalt.

Still, despite this help, the supervisors must give road permits to these companies and traffic MUST go where permitted both in order to limit damaged areas and to allow for safe travel of the many truckers destined for the oil well sites.

More than one trucker has used his GPS to take a "shorter" route to a well site, only to find a road closed that Nellie (the sweet GPS lady) didn't know about or to find an area otherwise impassable...such as the one shown in the video below..anyone going this way would be a half mile walk from his destination and a 10+ mile drive in from the right direction.

Follow your directions's tough to turn around on these country roads!


What do you think about it?