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Rumors and Speculation

Posted by bernell on August 21, 2014

Once again I am encouraging you to share information about Your Well/Rig/Fracturing operation...I don't want production information...until then, it really isn't a big deal, so far as I am concerned.

Regardless, absent accurate information, we're liable to pass along rumors and speculation when accurate information would serve everyone my opinion.

Please send us private messages and we'll accumulate them for a pre-production report tomorrow.

While we're waiting to hear from you, let's share some rumors and speculation...just to demonstrate how much better reports could be with accurate information, if nothing else.

Goodrich CMR-Foster Creek 24-13H-1- Fishing operations have apparently been a challenge.  This well appears to be continuing its struggles...We're hoping for this well to be successfully completed soon.

Goodrich CMR-Foster Creek 8H- Originally Goodrich stated/implied the intent to drill 2 wells from this site as its first 2 well unit.  Comments by Rob Turnham at the EnerCom Conference this week implied that only 1 well would be drilled in this unit at this time...we shall see.

Encana Lyons 35H-2- Setting up to drill out plugs.

Comstock CMR-Foster Creek 28-40H-1...Trinidad Rig #103...Word is these folks have decided the well was set up inadvertently on an old Indian burial ground...lots of unusual issues arising early on...rumor is things are being worked out...a peace pipe is being smoked with Choctaw Tribe elders...this well is gonna get drilled after all!  Hang in there guys!

Goodrich Denkmann 33-28H-2- Rumor is that 22 of 24 stages were successfully completed AND flow back has begun.  I'm expecting good results from this well.

Sanchez Dry Fork East #2 apparently isn't sign of rig movement.  Assumption: Still strugging to finish.

Still no word on who Halcon will be using for fracturing operations...what's the word out there folks?

Stay tuned!

What do you think about it?