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Site Pads Constructed or Under Construction

Posted by bernell on August 21, 2014

I am going to list pads I believe are completed and pads I believe are under construction.  In most cases I have been to these pad sites, but not all.

I welcome your input in adding sites to both the constructed and under construction and to correct me as to sites that I have listed.

As folks correct me, I'll add/change the list until we have what I hope is an up-to-date list.

So, here goes.

West Feliciana:


Halcon- Walker H-1 (Permitted)

East Feliciana:


St. Helena:

Under Construction:

Comstock- Meeks HZ- (Site nearly completed- Permit in process)



Goodrich- Kent 41H-1 (Permitted)

Under Construction:

Goodrich- No name-not permitted- in Silver Creek Field - northeast offset to Blades 33H- site appears to be just getting started...I think this is the TMS RA SUD Silver Creek Field unit...

Washington Parish:

Under Construction:

Goodrich- Also, no name-not permitted-in Silver Creek Field-east offset to Blades 33H, site appears to be nearing completion. Some folks are referring to it as the W Alford Well, located on Hwy 1056 in Mt. Hermon community.

Amite County:


Encana- Lawson 25-13H-1(Permitted)-same pad as Lawson 25H-1 drilled earlier this year.

Longleaf 29H-1 and -2 (Permitted) Located south/southeast of Liberty about 3 miles.

Mathis 29-17H-1 (Permitted)- same pad as Mathis29-32H-1

Sanchez- St. Davis #1 (Permitted)-located on Kahnville Road south of Gloster.

Under Construction:

Rumors without much info....

Wilkinson County:


Sanchez- Macedonia #1 (Permitted)-located on Macedonia Road about 6 miles north of Centreville.

Goodrich- CMR-Foster Creek 8H-1 and -2 (Permitted), located on Helmer Road off of Macedonia Road about 8 miles from Centreville.

Halcon- Gaulden #1H (Permitted) located southeastern corner of Wilkinson County.

Halcon...several...honestly, I've been told about so many completed and under construction sites for Halcon that I haven't attempted to keep up...let's get these units catalogued here...where is Your pad, folks!

Under Construction:

Comstock CMR-Foster Creek 30-31 No. 1 H (Permitted)-located off Netterville Road north of Centreville/Woodville.

Halcon-Creek Cottage East #1H and Creek Cottage West #1 (Permitted)- A joint pad is under construction for these units.  I haven't gotten an update lately, but construction should be nearing completion.

What do you think about it?