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The TMS Mineral/Royalty Market

Posted by bernell on August 26, 2014

First, a little history...

We had the concept here of developing a market where individuals could seek lessees for their minerals and buyers for their minerals or royalties, if they were interested in selling. 

Mind you, we're not promoting selling of minerals or royalties, but we know it is happening and think a free, open market system,  as can best be provided on the internet, would benefit a lot of people...sellers and ultimate buyers, alike. 

We had seen this concept done in other places, but wanted one focused on the TMS.  One we could recommend.

We played with the concept for several months and we had limited success...but we did have a little success.

Enough success to come to the attention of professionals...folks who have the knowledge, expertise and all develop the webpage and handle the legal and remaining technical needs to market the properties. 

We met and talked about how we could bring this thing together.

Then, we entered into an agreement with these professionals to develop this online webpage/market where sellers could submit their properties for sale and where buyers could shop for properties. 

Their team has been working diligently to create the webpage and to develop a beginning inventory of properties to list on the site.

We're about ready to unveil this webpage/market...not quite yet, mind you, but it will be within a very few days.

And, when it is unveiled, it won't be fully developed. 

It will be like this site...ready for action on day one, but much better by day 10 and having a goal of getting even better as time goes along. 

We feel blessed to have hooked up with these folks.  Having an idea and having the ability to make the idea a reality are two different things. These guys (and gals...the real brains of the outfit) bring that ability to the table. 

They are going to provide the legal and technical expertise to deal with researching your property, preparing a plat of its location and listing it in such a way that a buyer can decide if he/she is interested in buying. 

Want a quick sale?  That opportunity will exist.

Want to set a price much higher than you've heard of anyone getting and seeing what happens?

That opportunity will be there, as well.

You can choose...a bird in the hand...or two in the bush!

Are you someone who would like to purchase 5 acres of royalties in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, but don't have a clue how to go about doing so?

This will be the place for you. 

Are you a major buyer looking for several hundred or even thousands of acres of minerals?

This will be the place for you, too.

The intent is to be a full service brokerage for sellers and buyers, handling all aspects of the transactions and all related services, including escrow/closing and interface with the production operator.

And, it is the intent of this site to be around for a long time...the TMS is expected to last 40+ years...we're thinking that'll be long enough for us, too.


It's not here...Yet...Stay Tuned!

What do you think about it?