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What are your interests?

Posted by bernell on August 10, 2014

Since 2012 we have attempted to provide a place where we all could share information related to the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play. 

The TMS Facebook page began it all and that is still where most of you feel comfortable. It continues to be a primary place for us to place brief news items, pictures, videos, etc.., often provided by you in private messages, and a place for you to directly post whatever is on your mind related to the TMS.

We don't want to do anything to harm the feeling of home the TMS Facebook Page has become for many of us. 

And, by "we" I mean Tommy Rushing and Bernell McGehee.  Tommy as founder and Bernell as co-conspirator in providing information.

Despite our desire to keep the Facebook page "pure" we saw a need fairly early on to create a separate place for more permanent types of research and information needs of the public.  Thus, a TMShorizons site was created.

And, even later, as things continued to progress, we realized two things.

1. More information was wanted and needed and we simply didn't have the time or expertise to provide much more.

2. An income stream to help offset the consumption of time the pages were taking from our lives was also needed and we didn't have the knowledge or expertise to know how to properly create this income stream.

We were on the verge of stepping out on our own using brute strength and ignorance (Hey, it got us this far!) when someone contacted us to help. 

Call it fate, a godsend, luck, whatever, but we (Tommy and I) are grateful for the third person in our party.  I'll hold off on providing a name since I haven't gotten permission to do so just yet.

This webpage was revamped.  Information was added.  And, we unveiled it this week.  All of this reworking was done by a third party, who worked very hard to get it done and we appreciate it.

NOW, we need you to provide us feedback as to what else you want and need.  Please use the comment section below to share with us.

We may not be able to provide it, but we do want to attempt to do so.

If you haven't explored the revamped site, please do so.

Once you have explored the site, then let us know what we can do to improve it...what else we can add...what we can change.

We may not be able to do so immediately or even at all, but it will give us ideas for improvements and that's what we're after today.

Our goal is to make this page at least as popular as the Facebook page.  We want people coming here as a one-stop source of information on the TMS. 

In doing so, we create a traffic count that will benefit advertisers. 

And, by the way, if you want to advertise on here now, please see the "Contact" us link.

BUT, for now, in the comment section below, please provide feedback to what we can do to improve this website.

What do you think about it?