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Where is the Sweet Spot?

Posted by bernell on September 1, 2014

No one knows for sure at this point is the short and correct answer to this question.

I'll refer you to our Maps tab for the best overview of this subject that we mere mortals have...the OOIP map and the Structure Map at that tab are instructive.  Click here:


I think there are areas where the potential is likely to be productive as noted in these maps, but I also think there are areas where there is a little more silica (sand) in the formation that will make the fracking just a little bit better and the flow back just a little better.

I think these latest coring sample studies will perhaps shed a little light on these formation differences and help target future other words, better define the "sweet spot."

All that said, they continue to find "sweet spots" in far older shale plays than the TMS.

So, even with more and better information, the TMS "sweet spot" will likely continue to evolve over time.

What do you think about it?