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The Friday Report - 7/18/14

Posted by admin on July 18, 2014

TMS Pre-production Report.

Wilkinson County:

Halcon Blackstone 4H-2, located roughly halfway between Centreville and Woodville on the south side of Hwy 24. Best I can tell, plugs drilled out and flow back underway soon...if not already. Expect a report of this well to be ready for Halcon's 2nd quarter report to be released July 30th.

Halcon Fassman 9H-1, truck access road is located off Hwy 61 onto Sam Leake Road, then to Whetstone. H&P Flex3 Rig # 623 spudded May 29. Drilling away...if all goes well, I expect the drill to be finished late next week.

Halcon S D Smith, located on the Jackson Louisiana Road south of Woodville. H&P Flex 3 Rig# 249 spudded June 9, 2014. This drill should be getting close.

Goodrich CMR Foster Creek 24-13, access from Hwy 24 on Hiram McGraw Road to Macedonia Road, then to end of Helmer Road. Nabors Rig # 624 spudded May 30. If all goes as expected this drill should be complete by late next week. Expected this rig to move to the CMR-Foster Creek 8H site and possibly drill 2 wells!

Goodrich CMR/Foster Creek 31-22H-1, access from Hiram McGraw Road off of Hwy 24. Nabors X-17, Spudded July 8. Drilling away.

Sanchez Dry Fork Creek # 2H, RAPAD Rig # 31 spudded May 21, 2014. Drilling complete, total depth of about 18,200'. St. Davis #1 site located on Kahnville Road south of Gloster, MS impatiently awaiting Rig # 31's arrival.

EnCana Pintard 28H-2, located roughly 3 miles north of Centreville off Macedonia Road- Trinidad Rig # 124 finished drill with 20,807' total depth and an approximate lateral length of 8,500'....Rig moved to Ash 13 in Amite County.

Amite County:

Sanchez St. Davis #1, accessed from Hwy 24 in Gloster, located down Kahnville Road about 6 miles southeast of Gloster. Expect RAPAD Rig # 31 to locate on site spud, begin drilling next week.

Encana Ash 13H-1 and 13H-2, Located on the east side of Ash Road, accessed via Lower Centreville Road about 3 miles southeast of Centreville. Trinidad Rig # 124, King of the TMS, moving on site. Expect spudding early next week.

Encana Lewis 7-18H-1, located about 1 mile north of the Lower Centreville Road off of the County Farm Road roughly 7 miles south of Liberty. Twenty-nine successful fractures, 8,000' lateral. Flow back started Monday, July 14. Expect an early results announcement on July 24.

Encana Lyons 35H-2- Located on same site as Lyons 35H-1, Trinidad Rig # 125 - drill reportedly completed around June 11 with about a 5,000' lateral. Frac operations setting up now.

Encana Sabine 12H-1 and 12H-2, located off of Enterprise Road, south of Hwy 24 about 3 miles out of Liberty, access is from Hwy 48. Trinidad Rig # 125 spudded 12H-1 on June 20 and 12H-2 on June 23. Drilling away on -1 (I think), -2 (I think) cemented in to intermediate casing...I may have these backwards...trying to find out.

EnCana Mathis 29-32H-1, Located on the Louisiana line due south of the Anderson 17H unit, just off of Bean Road in T1N, R5E. Well completed with stages, flowing back. Expect a production report on July 24.

Goodrich Spears 31-6H-1, Located on the recently completed C H Lewis site pad on the west side of Bates School Road north of Gillsburg. Ensign Rig #753 is rumored to have spudded Friday, June 18th.

Goodrich Bates 25-24H-1, located roughly 2 miles northeast of Liberty off of Hwy 569 North. No word on lateral length, but I am expecting 5,000' or more. Frac operations should follow completion of the Denkmann.

Goodrich Denkmann 33-28H-2, located in Amite County on the Mississippi/Louisiana line in T1N, R4E. Accessed from the Louisiana side through Weyerhaeuser roads off of Tolar Hurst/Parish Road 181 off of Hwy 1044 north of Hwy 38. Frac operations should be starting here shortly.

St. Helena Parish-

East Feliciana-

West Feliciana-

Goodrich SLC 81H-1- Ensign Rig #751. Located off of Walker Road via LA Hwy 421 north of and about 12 miles from Jackson, LA. Fracturing operations completed...plug drill out next.


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