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MSOGB - 17 new apps - 7/1/14

Posted by admin on July 1, 2014

The July Preliminary Docket of the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board came out late Monday.

Based on a brief review there appears to be 17 new permit applications.

Seven are from Halcon while EnCana and Sanchez have five each...we know that at least two of these applications will not be granted, so net applications for July of no more than 15.

Six of these applications are in Amite County and eleven are in Wilkinson County.

As some of you may recall, I posted last week about some duplicate applications....that is applications by Sanchez and EnCana for the same sections in Amite County.

I have not had a chance to place these applications on a map, so there could be more duplicate applications.

Also, since I have not placed these on a map, yet, I can't give you a lot of details. It does appear that 9 of these are 3 normal section size units and 2 of these are for 2 1/2 section sizes (1,572.8 acres each).

There does not appear to be any duplicate applications in Wilkinson County since Halcon's apps are all in Township 1 North and Sanchez's apps are all in Townships 2 or 3 North.

My plate is full at my day job, but I hope to get these 17 units mapped sometime this week for y'all.

One other observation is that Goodrich had zero Mississippi applications for July unless the Spears, which was granted emergency permit approval in June.

What do you think about it?