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The Friday Report - 6/6/14

Posted by admin on June 6, 2014

June 6, 2014 pre-production TMS report.

Wilkinson County:

EnCana Pintard 28H-1, located roughly 3 miles north of Centreville off Macedonia Road- Flowing report...rumors are a successful well.

Halcon Horseshoe Hill 11-22H-1, located roughly 1 mile south of the intersection of Coon's Mill Rd and Hwy 24 about 4 miles east of Woodville-Drill completed with a 7,751' lateral. Flow back is reportedly going well.

Halcon Blackstone 4H-2, located roughly halfway between Centreville and Woodville on the south side of Hwy 24, H&P FlexRig# 249, Spudded 5/1/2014, TD'd around June 1...rig moving to S D Smith 1H.

Halcon Fassman 9H-1, access road is located north of Hwy 24 off of Leake's Road via Coon's Mill Rd. Brand spanking new H&P Flex3 Rig # 623 (626?, I'm getting confused on the rig number on this site) drilling away.

Halcon S D Smith, located on the Jackson Louisana Road south of Woodville. H&P Flex 3 Rig# 249 is moving on site.

Goodrich CMR Foster Creek 24-13, access from Hwy 24 on Hiram McGraw Road to Macedonia Road, then to end of Helmer Road. Nabors Rig # 624 drilling away.

Sanchez Dry Fork Creek #2H, RAPAD Rig # 31 spudded May 21, 2014, Access via Whetstone Road off of Hwy 563, north of Woodville. Setting intermediate casing. Drilled to about 12,500'.

EnCana Pintard 28H-2, located roughly 3 miles north of Centreville off Macedonia Road- Trinidad Rig # 124 spudded June 3, setting surface casing.

Amite County:

Encana Lewis 7-18H-1, located about 1 mile north of the Lower Centreville Road off of the County Farm Road roughly 5 miles south of Liberty. Fracking scheduled to start early next week..

Encana Lyons 35H-1-Located 2 miles east of Centreville, north of Hwy 48, just west of Pepper House Rd- Flow back started. Awaiting report.

Encana Lyons 35H-2- Located on same site as Lyons 35H-1, Trinidad Rig # 125 - should complete drill this week up? 

Encana Sabine 12H-1, located off of Kinabrew Lane, south of Hwy 24 about 3 miles out of Liberty...Trinidad Rig # 125 should be moving on site early next week.

EnCana Mathis 29-32H-1, Located on the Louisiana line due south of the Anderson 17H unit, just off of Bean Road in T1N, R5E. Schlumberger fracking an estimated 5,500' lateral. Should finish fracturing this week-end...if all goes well.

Goodrich C H Lewis 30-19H was reported with an initial production rate of 1,450 BOE this past Monday.

Goodrich Nunnery 12-1H-1 -Located on the east side of Claude Smith Road, along Pike County line, about 3 miles west of Magnolia. Flowing back. Early signs indicate a successful well, though not a headliner.

Goodrich Bates 25-24H-1, located roughly 2 miles northeast of Liberty off of Hwy 569 North, Ensign Rig # 753 spudded May 12. 
Appears to have set intermediate casing and to be drilling in the lateral.

Goodrich Denkmann 33-28H-2, located in Amite County on the Mississippi/Louisiana line in T1N, R4E. Accessed from the Louisiana side through Weyerhaeuser roads off of Tolar Hurst/Parish Road 181 off of Hwy 1044 north of Hwy 38. Nabors X-17 spudded May 23. Setting intermediate casing. At a depth of over 11,000'.

EnCana Lawson 25H-1- Official report of March and April production reported this week. Officially started flowing back on March 19, April production averaged 525 barrels per day off of an estimated 3,000'. lateral.

St. Helena Parish-

Goodrich Weyerhaeuser 51H-Located about 2 miles west of Chipola- Goodrich reported on Monday March 24 this well would not be a good one and that they were still working on the flow back. Awaiting official report.

East Feliciana-
Goodrich Beech Grove 94H-1- Located about 4 miles east of Wilson, LA off of Carruth Road. Halliburton began a 21 stage fracturing operation on June 4. Should finish Tuesday or Wednesday, if all goes well.

West Feliciana- 

Goodrich SLC 81H-1- Ensign Rig #751, at 15,451 as of June 2 and expected to td late this next week, if all goes well...Ensign Rig # 751 is rumored to be retiring after this replacement rig to begin drilling soon.


Nine rigs in operation- 3 in Amite County, 5 in Wilkinson County and 1 in West Feliciana Parish. 

Tenth rig should be on site, likely in Wilkinson County, in July or as soon as possible, according to Comstock.

Rumors abound that JV partners may be named by EnCana and Goodrich early in the 3rd quarter of this year. (July or August).

Names being bandied about include ConocoPhillips and BP...rumors, rumors, rumors! I say a LOT of companies are beginning to weigh in on getting in on the action...the play with too much clay just may say, "Hey!, it's time to drill away!"

Stay tuned!

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