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November 2014

Encana Up-Date 11-18-2014

Posted by bernell on November 18, 2014

Encana up-date

Sabine 12H-1 and -2 plugs appear to have been drilled out.  Flow back should be scheduled soon.

Ash 13H-1 & -2 wells continue to be fracked.

Trinidad Rig # 124 will likely be moving from the Mathis 29-17H-1 well site to the Stewart 30H-1 & -2/Bergold 29H-1 & -2 site in early December.

Trinidad Rig # 125 will likely be moving from the Longleaf 29H-1 & -2 site to the McIntosh 15H -1 & -2/Reese 16H-1 & -2 site shortly after the Trinidad Rig # 124 move.

The Lawson 25-13H-1 well appears to be held in reserve for now.

Other pads are rumored to be in the process of being laid out by Encana.

EnCana isn't showing signs of stopping drilling in the TMS.

One thing the 4 well pads will certainly do is push production down the road to May and the historical high price months of the summer. 

Smart move.

These folks may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

Here is more information on the McIntosh/Reese and Stewart/Bergold sites.

What do you think about it?