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November 2014

Encana Rig Setting Up for Chistmas in Gillsburg!

Posted by bernell on November 25, 2014

Latest word is that EnCana now plans to set up for the Gillsburg Christmas Tree once again in the Downtown area of this Southeast Amite County community.

While the word for several weeks was the Stewart/Bergold site, a couple of miles away and on the fringe of Gillsburg, would be the next site, today I'm told that has been changed.

EnCana Lawson 25-13H-1, located on the same pad as the Lawson 25H-1, which served as the 2013 Christmas tree for Gillsburg, is now rumored to be the next location for Trinidad Rig #124.

I'm told the Stewart/Bergold will be drilled by 124 next.

Presumably the EnCana Trinidad Rig #125 will finish the Longleaf 29H-1 and 2 shortly and head to the McIntosh/Reese 4 well pad in western Amite County, just a few miles east of Centreville, MS next. 

The Trinidad Rig #124 is the most experienced and successful rig in the TMS having just reset the bar on the Mathis 29-17H-1 with a lateral of 9,169 foot in length.  Moreover, if my math serves me correctly, the total drill of 21,730 foot, another record, was made in 40 days.


A hearty congratulations to this crew and Good Luck on the Lawson 25-13H-1.

Note: The EnCana Lawson 25-13H-1 is, to my knowledge, the last single well drill planned for EnCana.  All future drilling would be multiple well drills.

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