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November 2014

Encana Sabine 12H-1 and -2 Flare!

Posted by bernell on November 22, 2014

After a week of very little news in the TMS, I traveled to Starkville, Mississippi late yesterday to watch my Mississippi State Bulldogs get an SEC win against Vanderbilt (I hope!).

All week I have been surprised at how little news was available from the TMS this week, so I didn't think the trip would be an issue.

Well, since I hit the road, I have been flooded with information.  Tough to post while driving or without internet connection where we stay.

But, the Union at Mississippi State University does have internet connection and I'm now putting up some of the news I've been getting...and NONE is more exciting than the picture below of a flare from the Sabine 12H-1 and -2 site located a couple of miles west of Liberty.

In the early stages of flow back there is a LOT of water, but when the gas started to flare, you know the oil is not far behind!  Looking good!

Thanks to the David Roberts Clan for keeping us updated.

We're all hoping this double well project will be a huge success.

Sabine 12H-1 & -2 Flare.jpg

What do you think about it?