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November 2014

Exploring TMSHorizons Website

Posted by bernell on November 16, 2014

A Tour of the Site

We are frequently asked questions about things that can be easily found on our TMSHorizons site.

We understand it is easier to ask questions and get a response, but thought it might be helpful to everyone if we provided a review of information available on here.

So, let’s do so now…start with the tabs above...”Home”, “News”, “Minerals Marketplace”, etc…

Each tab can take you to a wealth of information and I’m going to review each tab, but let me also point out that on each page there is a “Search” box.  Though everything we’ve posted here isn’t available from years back, everything we’ve posted since August and a few earlier posts, too, are available. 

So, if you have a question about say, Encana Lewis 7-18H-1 brought in in late July, simply type in Lewis 7-18H-1 and see what pops up…I get 32 posts that mention this well.

Or if you’re interested in a Louisiana well, type in “MY Louisiana” and see what pops up!

Unfortunately, you won’t get as much information on older wells, but the search engine is a tool of interest we believe folks should enjoy.

Naturally, the Tips link, also at the top of each page, is another important part of our page.  Without quality information from you we can’t keep up!

And, if you want to know when we post news here, “Like” our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter account…links at the top of all pages.

Back to the tabs.

The “HOME” tab offers lots of general information, including links to some of our latest news posts.  Perhaps the most interesting link, though, for those interested in Mississippi information is the link to the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board’s TMS Info site.  VERY informative.

The “NEWS” tab lists the last 25 news posts…likely taking you back 10 days or so.

“MINERALS MARKETPLACE” tab offers you an opportunity to buy and sell royalties and minerals...

The “EDUCATION” tab deserves to be explored a LOT. 

The Louisiana Royalty Cooperative at the bottom explains how Louisiana royalty owners can swap out a portion of their royalties to be included in a wide array of Louisiana royalty holdings.  Not a bad deal for folks who want to spread at least some of their risks out and level income.

Other EDUCATION items include videos from our Wealth Management Conference a few weeks back, including some explanatory videos on the Louisiana Royalty Cooperative, how to get paid timely and answers about “Online Info and Monetizing Your Minerals.”

The MAP tab has a variety of maps you may find of interest as well as links to more extensive maps. 

Note our map of the Mississippi permitted and applied for permits is also linked here…it doesn’t work well on iphones or on some computer browsers.  And, it isn’t totally up-to-date considering withdrawals in October and the flood of applications over the past two months…we’ll try to get it caught up soon.  Even without it being totally up-to-date, it is still worth viewing by folks who can do so.

JOBS AND REAL ESTATE is much more than just these items…it includes links to all operating company websites to help job hunters with a listing of available jobs in the TMS.  We don’t have enough participation out of companies seeking employees here, but at least some art participating.

JOBS AND REAL ESTATE also includes other links of interest for housing and properties.

DIRECTORY shows a listing of services available in the TMS area that have chosen to list with us.

CONTACT is self-explanatory but check it out nonetheless.

ADVERTISING provides our advertising rates and how to get in contact with us about advertising with us.

I hope this tour helps…for those of you in the TMS area experiencing the rain, now is as good of a time as any to explore.


What do you think about it?