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November 2014

Halcon Franklin Post Prop H-1

Posted by bernell on November 12, 2014

Will the Franklin Post Prop H-1 be the last well drilled in the TMS by Halcon?

Who knows? 

But, let's at least make note of the event.

If you had turned off of Hwy 51 today into Downtown Osyka, Mississippi, you would have passed town hall, crossed the railroad tracks and seen this...
Halcon Franklin PST Prop H-1 Pic 1.jpg

Then, if you had turned right and traveled all the way to the MS/LA border, you would have run upon this...
Halcon Franklin PST Prop H-1 Pic 3.jpg

And, then, at this point, had you raised your eyes to the sky, you would have beheld this...
Halcon Franklin PST Prop H-1 Pic 2.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the visit. 

And, we all hope this well is successful.

Good luck, guys!

Thanks to Robert Burns for sharing his visit on Tuesday with us.

What do you think about it?