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November 2014

November Mississippi Production Information is Available

Posted by bernell on November 5, 2014


The September production information is up with some very impressive results.

In fact, the most impressive result is such that I have sent an email to confirm it.

The EnCana Lyons 35H-2 had production of 34,743 barrels of oil reported for the month of September. That number blew away the previous record set in August by the Lewis 7-18H-1.  However, the Lyons 35H-1 showed zero production and I find that to be questionable.  I knew there were issues with the Lyons 35H-1, but I did not think it had zero production. 

I'll post the results from that inquiry here when I get a response.

Regardless of the answer, there is still a wealth of excellent results and information to see at this site. 

I will say that the "average" production for September on new wells is incorrect in that it is apparently set up to divide by 30 rather than the days since production began.

To view the September numbers, go to our Home tab above, scroll down to "Helpful Links" and click on the MS Oil & Gas Board - TMS Page, then click on the "TMS Production Over Time" tab.

LOTS of great information available here. 

Thanks for David Snodgrass and the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board for providing this information for the ease of consumption by the public.

What do you think about it?