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November 2014

Stewart-Bergold Site continuing to progress...

Posted by bernell on November 14, 2014

The EnCana Stewart-Bergold site, located just off of Hwy 584 east of Gillsburg, is progressing nicely.

Specifically, that would be a site for drilling wells for the Stewart 30H unit and the Bergold 29H unit.

Thanks to Hunter and Chasedy Bergold for sharing pics from their visit last week-end. 

It's tough to tell, but the site looks about as big as I've seen...I'm estimating 10+ acres.

This will likely be the first RPH site EnCana has here in the TMS.  (Don't you love the code language these folks best I can interpret, RPH means Resource Play Hub, which means a multi-well pad.)

With the RPH, not only are their drilling and completion savings, but it is likely additional income can be generated from selling the natural gas liquids and only one tank battery, albeit a bit larger, will be needed, etc...

The idea is getting the job done with as little cost as possible per barrel of oil produced.

Despite a little rain this week, I'm guessing this pad will be ready to go next week...We shall see!

Stewart-Bergold access road..jpg

Stewart-Bergold 11-8-2014.jpg

Stewart-Bergold site.jpg

What do you think about it?