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November 2014

Thanks for Sharing!

Posted by bernell on November 13, 2014

This web page continues to be Your webpage in the sense that most information on here comes from folks sharing with us.

Thank you.

Without you giving us information as to how the drill is going, where the rig is headed, when the fracturing companies show up, and other basic day-to-day information, it would be impossible for us to keep up with these wells.

So, those of you who share, please keep up the good work.  We don't always tell you thanks personally...the sharing isn't always where we can easily respond.  Allow this to be a poor substitute for a hearty Thank You.

For those of you who have information of interest, but have not shared, please continue doing so.  Just hit the "tips" link at the top of this page any time.  I've also pasted this same link below.

P. S. I'm working on a report on the EnCana presentation today.  Very interesting stuff to me...should be up within the hour.


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