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Encana - Goodrich Lease Swaps

Posted by bernell on October 20, 2014

Several months ago there were discussions about Encana and Goodrich swapping and consolidating leases.  It appears that process has begun.

 Specifically, Goodrich had applied for an application for the CMR 8H unit in Amite County, which included Section 38 in Township 2 North, Range 3 East, Section 8 and 13 and a portion of Section 14 in Township 1 North, Range 3 East. 

It appears Encana and Goodrich have reached a deal and Encana is now applying for a unit that includes the T1N, R3E sections, adds Section 23 and 24, also in T1N, R3E, but will not include Section 38 in T2N, R3E.  This Encana unit is being called Harvey 14H and based on what I am hearing, Goodrich will withdraw its CMR 8H unit application.
Also, Goodrich had applied for a permit for the Amite County CMR 38H unit in Township 1 North, Range 3 East.  Word is Encana will either be permitting this unit a little later after a swap out with Goodrich, or the operator will simply be changed.  Regardless, this unit, I'm told will become an EnCana unit rather than a Goodrich unit.

I’m not sure where Goodrich picked up acreage from Encana, but one possibility is the T. Lewis 7-38H unit scheduled for drilling shortly.

I expect more swapping and consolidating between these two leaseholders as we go forward.

What do you think about it?