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Friday Flapjacks- Louisiana wells and more

Posted by bernell on October 3, 2014

Okay....So, I've been too focused on these darn Mississippi TMS Rules...I know...sorry.

Though I think these rules are very important, the biggest response I've heard are from crickets chirping.

At any rate, so how are the wells doing in the TMS this week?

Frankly, I haven't gotten many reports...I hope that's a good sign...No news is good news.

Among the little news I do have is that though the Goodrich Verberne 5H was announced as having reached total depth this week a tool was almost immediately stuck afterwards.  It is a minor setback and the well should be completed without an issue, but it has set back the move to the T. Lewis 7-38H-1, which is located adjacent to the EnCana Lewis 7-18H-1 in south central Amite County.

Also, the Goodrich Williams 46H has cemented in the surface casing as of Tuesday and the EnCana Sabine 12H-1 and -2 are showing signs of Frac Tech moving in...I expect the first zipper frack in the TMS since May of 2013 to begin here next week....and I expect us to see a LOT more of these double and even quadruple fracks here in the future.

What do you think about it?