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Halcon Rig Move...

Posted by bernell on October 22, 2014

Word early this morning was that Halcon has completed drilling the Creek Cottage West and is NOT drilling the Creek Cottage East, as we have falsely assumed.  Further, the H&P Flex 3 Rig #249, it is said will be moving to the nearby Rogers site just off Hwy 24 west of Centreville.

Meanwhile, the information given was that the rig on the Gaulden site now, the H&P rig # 623, will be moving to the Franklin PST Prop H-1 site south of Osyka in the Greenlaw Field of Tangipahoa Parish.  This site is east of Hwy 51 “behind Skinny’s”, I’m told.  Skinny’s being an old eating establishment on the Highway.

Here is the original post I had about this well:

The H&P Flex 3 Rig #249 is the rig we reported would be “leaving the TMS.”  However, it is now reported to be the one staying.  Moreover, the H & P Rig # 623 from the Gaulden, while leaving Wilkinson County, will still be in the play as the Tangipahoa area is very much a part of the TMS. 

It would appear Halcon will be simply exploring other areas in the TMS, but outside of Wilkinson County, for the time being at least.

The Creek Cottage West was drilled in good time, if it has indeed reached total depth.  This well was spud on September 19.  Assuming total depth was reached on 10-21, the drilling time would have been roughly 33 days, though it could easily be less days.

What do you think about it?