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Lyons 35H-2 Results

Posted by bernell on October 4, 2014

The official state test on the EnCana Lyons 35H-2 was conducted on September 5.  The Lyons 35H-2 began flowing back around August 27.  So, the official results are not necessarily the highest day of production for this well.

This well is located in Amite County roughly 2 miles east of Centreville, Mississippi.

That said, the State test results for September 5, 2014 were posted on the Mississippi Oil and Gas site for this well via a Form 3 document as 1,337 barrels of oil using a 14/64 choke.  Roughly 5,200 foot of lateral was reported as fracked. 

This is an excellent result and continues the slow, but steady stream of improvements in increasing revenue and decreasing expenses in the play.

I have heard rumors on this well as high at 1700 barrels boe, but the above report isn't a rumor, so let's go with it for now.

I have also heard the rather strong rumor that the Pintard 28H-2 is an even better well than the Lyons.  We shall see!

Hope this info brightens your day!

I'm off to pull for my Bulldogs to upset the Texas A&M aggies. 

Wish us luck!

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