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The Minerals Marketplace is Open!

Posted by bernell on October 27, 2014


Just click the tab by that name at the top of this page when you’re ready to get started.
In this post I’m gonna tell you a little bit about how it works and introduce you to the folks who will be handling it.

How it’s gonna work is similar to a farmer’s market, folks…with a little more legalese involved.

I’ll cover some of the legalese part of this thing, first. 

If you want to sell or lease your minerals or sell your royalties through the market, then you’re going to have to end up signing some legal documents. 

Now, understand, there is no charge to send your basic information and to let the MINERALS MARKETPLACE folks have a look see, but to actually sell/lease, there will have to be some stuff signed.  It’s just business. 

Likewise, in order to be a buyer, there will have to be some basic stuff filled out.  No biggee.  Again, t’s just business.

I’ll let the MINERALS MARKETPLACE folks provide details…that not my department.

And, feel free to have an attorney review the documentation before signing. 

Now, getting past the legal stuff, the general idea is that you will list privately with us using the MINERALS MARKETPLACE and have your property evaluated. 

There may be a buyer sitting in the wings with an order for your type property.  If so, after being evaluated, an offer will be made to you and, if you accept, the transaction can take place pretty quickly.

But, even if there is a buyer sitting there with an order for your type property, it doesn’t mean you have to accept this first offer.  You can list your property...anonymously…and let folks come by and squeeze the fruit, so to speak, and then make you an offer. 

If/when you get an offer you want, THEN, the transaction can be completed.

From a buyer’s perspective, property can be viewed knowing a professional has examined it before putting it on the site.  There will be a map and legal stuff already available for review.  Legal documents are already in place. 

If/when the buyer in interested in a property he (she) can either make an offer or, perhaps, accept a price listed with the property for sale.

A buyer will have the comfort of knowing he is looking at information prepared by folks who do this sort of a thing for a living.  Naturally, the buyer is welcome to do his own due diligence and be certain everything is on the up and up, but the fact that professionals are involved with documents available for review will make this process much easier and the minerals so much more easily bought/sold.

 So, now let me introduce the professionals:  ARPENT ENERGY, LLC.

These folks have been around for several years as attorneys, land men, paralegals and technicians in these type transactions who have web based operations used widely around the country. 

The staff of 10 folks will be available to evaluate and package your minerals/royalties for lease/sale and to properly prepare your purchase/lease documents.
Ben Waring is the head honcho with this group and rather than reinvent the wheel, here is the bio we used at the TMS Wealth Management Conference in our brochure for his presentation at that event.

Benjamin J. Waring, JD CPL is Managing Member of Arpent Energy, LLC, a company out of New Orleans that invests in minerals and royalties in Louisiana and Mississippi, mainly in the Haynesville and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale plays.

He has been a consulting oil and gas landsman since the 1970’s, runs Waring & Associates Corp, a consulting company, and Energy Data Solutions, LLC, owner of OCS Bulletin Board website. 

His company handles private and negotiated sales of oil and gas properties, including work with; onshore and offshore land and legal work with all agencies involved in  Mississippi, Louisiana and the federal portion of the Gulf of Mexico; software mapping and reporting and internet applications specializing in energy information for the federal portion of the Gulf of Mexico; land and mineral consulting to help owners maximize their property value.

Ben attended Tulane University and graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a Certified Professional Landman with a law degree from Loyola Law School.  He serves on the Board of Directors of the Professional Landsmen’s Association of New Orleans and is active in the American Petroleum Institute’s Delta Chapter, having served as Past Chairman. As a father of twin 23 year olds in college, Ben lives in New Orleans with his wife of 26 years, Kathleen.

Speaking of the TMS Wealth Management Conference, if you want to actually “meet” Ben, here is a link to the video presentations at that conference.  Scroll down to Ben’s presentation and you can see and hear him in person.  His slides for the presentation can also be downloaded as a way to learning more about “Monetizing Your Minerals.”

His is the 9th presentation listed.

So, that’s my introduction to the process.  We’re hosting this MINERALS MARKETPLACE and hope to receive some compensation as a result. 

But, more importantly, we believe we have set up a market for people in the TMS to obtain a fair and reasonable price when they want to sell their minerals or royalties and, perhaps, an additional option for a place to lease their minerals.

And, we believe this market place can be utilized for many years to come.

If you have questions, I’m confident I can’t answer them very well.  So, let me refer you to Ben Waring or any of the capable folks in his office.  The office phone number is 504-733-3117.

Or, you can email questions here:

Or, you can simply click the MINERALS MARKETPLACE tab above and get started…register as seller, a buyer, or both!

What do you think about it?