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Monday Morning Morsel

Posted by bernell on October 6, 2014

With nine rigs drilling away and at least 3 companies running fracturing operations here, along with the resultant flow back of wells, at any given point in time there is always something to report…finding it out is another thing all together.

Here is a Monday morsel to whet the appetite.

The Encana Ash 13H-1 & 2, located just east of Centreville on Ash road off of the Lower Centreville Road, should wrap it up and be moving the latter part of this week or early next week.
Rumor is both wells will have nice laterals…average of something over 7,000 feet.

Based on the results from nearby Lyons and Pintard wells, the Ash 13 wells should be a couple of good results.

Stay tuned!

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