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Nabors X-17 on the Move- Kent 41, Here We Come!

Posted by bernell on October 26, 2014

Sunday afternoon tidbit of information…the Nabors X-17, while still standing, is beginning make a move with some of its equipment to the Goodrich Kent 41H-1 site in north central Tangipahoa Parish.

This site I’m told is located off of M
onroe Stevens Road, accessed via Hwy 440/1057 to Hwy 1058 to B Brown Road, then to Monroe Stevens Road.

I’d call this the Chesbrough community from the map. 

The site is located 6-7 miles south by southwest of the Blades 33H well and I’d term this a definite delineation well as it is farther south than anything I can recall being drilled in the TMS, especially this far east.

While I'm told the Goodrich Verberne 5H-1 was successfully completed, I'm not sure of the lateral length they were able to install production casing.  I'm sure this will be discussed during the 3rd quarter operations report. 

Also, the Goodrich Williams 46H-1 could be completed this week and is expected to move to Amite County and the T. Lewis 7-38H-1 when it does.

We shall see!  Stay tuned!

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