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New Permitted Well in Tangipahoa Parish- FRANKLIN PST PROP H

Posted by bernell on October 8, 2014

Halcon has permitted a new well, Franklin PST Prop H-1 in the Greenlaw Field of Tangipahoa Parish...located south of and adjacent to the Mississippi line...just south of Osyka.

I'm wondering why they didn't name the well "Nila's" after the well-known nearby eatery on Hwy 51? 

I can't tell for certain, but Nila's could be in the unit!

Here is a link to this well’s Sonris site.

Here is the Hearing Application for this well, (unnamed at the time, except for the SUB designation) includes a plat of the unit, as applied for.

Halcon Greenlaw Field _ SUB - FRANKLIN PST PROP H-1 Well.pdf

Could Halcon be considering moving a rig into northern Tangipahoa soon?  
Somebody let us know if we have a pad in progress there!

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What do you think about it?