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Sanchez Morris 1H - Moving On!

Posted by bernell on October 7, 2014

Word is Sanchez is moving Rapad Rig # 32 out to Morris 1H, west of Woodville, in Wilkinson County, MS>
The site is located roughly halfway between Hwy 24 and Pickneyville Road. 

Access is from the Pickneyville Road.  Travel west out of Woodville, then north (right) just past the Old River Water tank on to an otherwise private road...unless you have business at the oil site, please respect the privacy rights of the landowner.

Township 2 North, Range 2 West...with a bunch of sections...
If someone can snap a picture of the rig move, we'll be happy to share.


For those confused about where this site is located, a link to a pic of a map of the unit is shown below.  Unfortunately, the access road is just west (to the left) of where the map cuts off, though it wouldn't show on this map any way.

Picture of Map- Sanchez Morris 1H

What do you think about it?