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Thursday tidbits

Posted by bernell on October 30, 2014

Thursday quick hits and tidbits…

First, help us out by sharing info with us, folks. 

Is your rig up and drilling?  Take a pic and pass it on!

Y’all about finished with the drill and getting ready to move?  Great…where are you headed?

Did you make the drill in record time…nice!  How long was the lateral?

Bottom line is we don’t know if you don’t tell us.

Go to this link to share…

 Now…some quick hit news for the week.

At least some Halcon Blackstone 4H royalty owners have received division orders…production started in July on the 4H-2.

Comstock CMR Foster Creek 28-40 1H has been dealing with evil spirits since the drill started on August 14.  Once again, peace seemingly has been obtained and they are back drilling.  Maybe the end is in sight.  We shall see.

Encana Sabine 12H had some issues with one of the wells while fracking.  One well is finished fracking, but the other one is taking a little more time.  All seems well...just a little delay.

Halcon Gaulden 1H ... questions swirl on this well.

Goodrich Mathis 29-17H drilling in the curve at last word.

Goodrich Williams 46H drilling at 16,735’ as of yesterday.  It shouldn’t be long now…

Will Goodrich announce its JV partner next week?  Rumors are…

Sanchez St. Davis #1 should be finished fracking soon, if not already.
Who is the 6
th operating company entering the play?  Where will they be drilling?  Stay tuned.

What do you think about it?