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Posted by bernell on October 7, 2014

Things remain quiet here in the TMS…almost eerily so.

Halcon and Comstock have gone totally silent on me…gotta wonder.

That said, here are a couple of tidbits.

CMR Foster Creek 8H-2 is rumored to be cementing in the intermediate…-1 has been completed to surface casing level.

Rumors are the Dry Creek East…a well drilled very fast for that point in time, but then had the hole to collapse…hasn’t started off well on flow back…here’s hoping that improves.

Rumors persist that Encana will be bringing in more rigs the first of 2015, but no one knows for sure and the numbers are from 1 to 9 when the rumor is heard…

In my opinion, the next few wells, from drilling to completion, must be good and without major incident, at least by Encana and Goodrich, our most experienced operators in the TMS, in order for the TMS to move forward.

With the price of oil dropping, this play cannot compete with other plays unless we can get drama free wells drilled and completed consistently.

I’ve been encouraged by the last few with Encana and Goodrich…we just need to start the cookie cutter process and churn out successful wells going forward.

The one remaining piece to the puzzle, assuming the drilling completion process is figured out, is to figure out the spacing.

I could see as few as 8 wells per 2,000 acre unit.

I could see as many as 16.

More side by side wells are needed soon in order to answer this question.

Also, would a refrack of some older wells be in order at this juncture?

Just to see whether it would make a difference?

They tried this in the Haynesville Shale and had excellent results.

We really don't have many wells that are old enough to be good candidates, though.  Possibly the 2 oldest Anderson wells.

Possibly Goodrich with some of the older Devon wells.

But, until Mr. Deep Pockets shows up, some of these experiments may not be conducted to learn what could be some valuable information.


What do you think about it?