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Trinidad Rig # 124 is Moving to....

Posted by bernell on October 8, 2014

This has been one of the more interesting back and forth questions we've had for several weeks.

Where O Where is the EnCana Trinidad Rig # 124 headed from the Ash 13H site?

I predicted in the post below, way back on August 16, that the next time a rig moved (Trinidad Rig # 124 or #125 from the Sabine site) it was headed to drill the Mathis 29-17H-1 well next.

I was wrong…the Trinidad Rig # 125 was moved from the Sabine to the Longleaf 29H-1 site last week…we took a pictorial trip for that move here.

But, I had actually decided the Longleaf 29H site would be first before this move.  I just couldn’t decide whether Mathis would be next or whether the Lawson 25-13H-1.  After see-sawing back and forth, I finally decided boldly made my prediction last Friday…the winner was the Lawson 25-13H-1!

It is good to get these things decided.  Right?

Not so fast, Kimosabe.

The latest and most reliable rumor I have is this Friday, the Trinidad Rig # 124 will be moving to.

Drum roll please…

The Mathes 29-17H-1 !!

What do you think about it?