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Tuesday Tidbits

Posted by bernell on October 14, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits…

(By the way, my internet has been up and down the past couple of days, but mostly down.  And, when it is down, it is down all over the metro-Liberty area, I’m told…at least for U-verse customers.  If I haven’t responded to your questions as normal, this is why.  This post was written around 8:30 this morning, but then I couldn’t post it.  Technology can sometimes be a pain.)

It is a slow news day, thus far.

A few pad sites continue to be prepared…

Encana is working on at least two sites with one a 4-well site.  The 4 well site is the McIntosh/Reese units site off of Chance Road in Amite County.  Another Encana site, I’m told, is the Stewart 30H just east of Gillsburg. The two rigs in the area appear to be set up for drilling into 2015, at least.

Halcon is also working on the Rogers site in the Leak unit just east of the Blackstone 4H in Wilkinson County.  I’m told the H&P Rig # 623 will be moving from the Gaulden to this site, while the H&P Flex 3 rig currently on the Cottage Creek wells site will be the one exiting the TMS, likely in November.  Depending on success, Halcon may bring a 2nd rig back into the TMS as early as January or February, I’m told.  We shall see.

I’m still waiting to hear from someone about a Comstock rig move…it has got to be soon.

Goodrich will make a presentation at a New York investment conference this Thursday at 12:50.  It doesn’t appear it will be webcast, but a new corporate presentation will be available, so that will help us mere mortals keep up a little.

Here is the news release on it.

Our Wealth Management Conference webcasts will be available soon, I’m told.  I’m impressed with the little I’ve seen of them.  Our videographer did a very good job.  We hope to have them up by Thursday.

What do you think about it?