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Want to Reach Folks Interested in the TMS? Here's a Way to do it!

Posted by bernell on October 15, 2014

As many of you know, we reworked this webpage back in late July so that we could reach out to advertisers to help defray some costs and to generate a little remuneration for our time and efforts in keeping you informed on the TMS.

What many of our Facebook followers may not know is that there are a lot of folks who either cannot or will not get on Facebook.  They will, however, come direct to a webpage.

This page also allows us to offer several links to more permanent information.  Explore around a little, you'll see what we have to offer.

As a result of our base link from Facebook and picking up followers direct to this webpage, we have developed an excellent readership. 

I'm not supposed to provide the information as to what our readership numbers are...apparently our advertising consultant wants to be the one to share that info.  I will tell you that there were more folks coming to this site in August than are members of the TMS Facebook Page and that over 100,000 pages were viewed in that first full month. 

There was a notable increase in viewers for September and nearly a 20% increase in pages viewed along with it.

October is doing about the same as September.

So, if you're interested in reaching people who are interested in the TMS...Oil companies, Mineral owners, Oilfield workers, Investors...heck, even anti-frackers come by to keep up with what is happening...(We don't discriminate.), THEN, TMShorizons is the place for you to advertise.

For more information, check us out at our "ADVERTISE" link, here:

Advertising Info Here!

What do you think about it?