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Wells Being Completed

Posted by bernell on October 20, 2014

Though we have nine rigs in the area, the number of wells brought online lately hasn't reflected it.  Three reasons for this may include that first production from 2 operating companies hasn't kicked in, yet; there have been some delays in getting wells fractured due to a change in fracturing companies; and finally, EnCana has been drilling on 2 well pads and hasn't brought a well on-line in months. 

All of these things will be changing over the next few weeks.  Things are about to get really busy with flow back here.

Wilkinson County has already seen an uptick as several wells began flowing back recently:  Halcon's Fassman 9H-1 and S.D. Smith 1H and Goodrich's CMR Foster Creek 31-22H-1 and CMR Foster Creek 24-13H-1 are all in the first heavy month of production. New wells in Wilkinson County that should be added over the next few weeks include Halcon's Shuckrow 10H-1 and George Martens 1H wells and Comstock CMR-Foster Creek 28-40 No. 1H (emphasis on should on the 28-40).  The Shuckrow should be finishing with its frac operations shortly, if not already, and then George Martens will be cranking up.  If things go well, the Halcon Gaulden 1H could be in a position for fracturing as soon as George Martens completes.

Amite County has the Goodrich Spears 31-6H-1 that just started flowing back the middle of last week.  EnCana Sabine 12H-1 & -2 should be flowing back starting late this week or early next week, while the EnCana Ash 13H-1 & -2 should begin fracturing operations soon and begin flow back in about 3 weeks.  The Sanchez St. Davis #1 is set for fracturing and flow back soon, also.

In Tangipahoa Parish, the Goodrich Verberne 5H-1 should be set for fracturing soon and the Goodrich Williams 46H-1 may be ready for fracturing when the Verberne is finished.

Considering the several fairly new wells already started and the new crop of wells coming on board shortly, it would not surprise me to see the TMS area produce well over 250,000 barrels of oil during November 2014.  A fair amount of returning frack water will also need to be hauled away, too.  November will almost certainly be our highest truck traffic month in the TMS.

The full impact of having 9 rigs in the area is just now getting in full swing. Should be interesting.

What do you think about it?