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Comstock Accused of Operating a Disposal Well Poorly

Posted by bernell on September 12, 2014

There are at least two sides to every issue…most often more.

That said, this particular subject bears our attention pending learning more.

Basically, this is a story about a disposal well, purportedly operated at one time by Comstock Resources, that was allegedly operated and regulated poorly, even illegally. 

Now, my position on drilling and fracking of oil wells in the TMS is that, so long as things are done right, we have nothing to worry about.

Frankly, the information presented on this disposal well…again, just one side of the story…doesn’t offer a lot of confidence that things are always done right and, therefore is a cause for concern.

I hope to follow this story and hope to hear more information from Comstock explaining what happened and, more importantly, what plans they have for avoiding dangerous and improper disposal of wastewater going forward.

Further, I hope to hear from the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board explaining why regulation of this disposal well was, apparently, so poor or explaining where the accusation is inaccurate.

I considered contacting Comstock, the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board and the plaintiff and conducting a more in depth study of the subject, but opted to simply point out the pending question and encourage us all to continue monitoring the situation.

So, enough of the preliminaries…read it for yourself.

What do you think about it?