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Comstock Day Branch Field Unit Proposed, St. Helena Parish

Posted by bernell on September 18, 2014

Well, now, I’m embarrassed.

I’m going to give my excuse up front.

I ignored Louisiana when I first got started writing about the TMS.  It was about this time Devon announced they were selling out.  No decent well had been drilled anywhere in Louisiana at the time.  The best was bordering Mississippi.  And, there was simply more happening, especially on the positive side, in Mississippi.

So, I learned a great deal about how to get information on Mississippi wells and a little about how to navigate through the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources “Sonris” site…honestly, I’m still only using the Sonris Lite, since I still haven’t taken the time to study what everyone tells me is a wealth of information available on the full Sonris site.

Regardless, I’ve asked for folks to send me plats of wells in the past simply because I couldn’t find any on the Sonris Lite site.  Once a well is permitted, it is no problem in Mississippi, but I have really struggled to get information on Louisiana.

Knowledgeable folks out there have almost certainly been chuckling at my struggles.  One puzzled soul finally broke down and told me today that I needed to go to the Louisiana Dempartment of Natural Resources “Hearing Docket” site to find plats.

Well, bless his heart.  There it is.  (I’m sure it is easier to find than in date order, but, nevertheless, if you search long enough you can find a plat.)

At any rate, here is the new proposed Comstock Day Branch Unit in St. Helena Parish, the TMS RA SUB.

I’ll try to keep up better in the future.  Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

The Day Branch TMS RA SUB unit pictured below is located nearly in the northeast portion of St. Helena Parish.

Day Branch Field TMS RA SUB Plat.png

What do you think about it?