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Daily Report 09-25-2014 - On the Move!

Posted by bernell on September 25, 2014

Two things before we get into today's report...first, I hope to see many of you tomorrow at the TMS Wealth Management Conference. 

I believe it will be an enjoyable and enlightening day for us all.

Jill may shoot me over this, but as of this afternoon she said we should have room for about 25 more, so please feel free to sign up in the morning. 

If you are just now hearing about it or things just broke loose for you to attend, then come on down.  I hate for someone to miss this event if they can make it.

Also, for those attending, Please tell Jill Gunnell THANK YOU for all of her hard work to make this event possible.


I much prefer to report the facts rather than the rumors for our Friday Pre-production Report.

Okay...for today's news...the EnCana's Trinidad Rig # 125 is moving from Sabine 12H-1 and -2 site to Longleaf 29H-1 and -2 site.  Plans are to have it move by tomorrow and start setting up across the week-end.

Also, the Goodrich CMR-Foster Creek 24-13H-1 has finished fracking...I expect the Goodrich Spears 31-6H-1 fracturing operations to be going by early next week.

By the way, I got a response from an attorney with the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board today with information regarding public input into proposed changes in the TMS rules.

I'll have a separate post about it later.

I asked a follow-up question and permission to post his letter in full and have not gotten a response.  Not sure if I will wait on him at this point, but I had hoped for a little clarification.

Again, folks, please keep me informed about what's happening out there!

Inquiring minds!


What do you think about it?