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Halcon News...Friday Freebie

Posted by bernell on September 26, 2014

While we're at the TMS Wealth Management Conference today being stuffed with information, y'all out there at least need a bone to gnaw here goes.

Halcon S D Smith 1H has been fracked and plugs are drilled out....expect flow back to begin this weekend.

Shuckrow 1H is up next for fracking...Platinum continuing to do the honors for Halcon.

(By the way, what's happening with the Sanchez Dry Fork East it finished, yet?)

Halcon beginning work on the McGehee # 1H on Jackson, Louisiana Road.  See pic below.

(The Mississippi Oil and Gas Board has this listed as "McGeHee", but, trust me, the 'H' is NOT capitalized). 

This unit was the former Halcon Osten, but the name was changed.

I, at first, naturally assumed it was in my honor! 

Alas, it wasn't. 

And, now, I'm trying to see if I can claim close enough kinship to participate in royalty payments.

The response hasn't been encouraging.  They all sound like a bunch of owls when I ask and tell them who I am..."Who? Who? Who?" (Sigh)

P. S. Please note...I am confident the Friday Report will be late this evening.

Halcon Osten or McGehee.jpg

What do you think about it?