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How is Your Well doing?

Posted by bernell on September 10, 2014

I had plans for posting another item tonight, but I was a day ahead...Oops! 

Instead, let me share this with you....

Several months ago I was exchanging information with a gentleman from Louisiana.

He was trying to keep me abreast of what was going on in his portion of the world and I was trying to keep him up-to-date on mine. Actually, I sometimes helped him keep up with his area and he sometimes helped me keep up with mine.  

Regardless, he was a lot of help.  Then, one day, he quit.  I didn't think a lot about it for a while...folks do take vacations, you know.  Then after a couple of weeks I sent him a message and asked specifically about a particular well he had been following. 

His response?  Well, since that Friday Report started coming out, I haven't kept up as much.  It usually has about as much information on my wells as I can get anyway.  I had to laugh, but, unfortunately, this scenario was repeated by more than one source of information.

Why keep up with what is going on when I can just get it on "that Friday Report."

The fact is that YOU usually know more about what is going on with Your well than the average person.  Please feel free to send a private message and share it.  

Now, if you are an employee of one of these companies, please don't send me production readings.  But, other than that, feel free to share whatever else is going on.

I'm not revealing where info is coming from and I will be discrete in reporting any information you share.

So, please keep us posted.  

Has your well spud?  Are we fracking your well, yet?  Flowing back, yet? Any problems...or are things going great?

Let us know and on Friday we'll assemble all of the information and provide you with YOUR Friday Report.

What do you think about it?